Tuesday 26 January 2016

Los Angeles Street Art Scene

Los Angeles street art scene has taken a turn after a 10-year ban on public murals was lifted at the end of 2013, and there are unlimited walls and unmeasurable creative energy surrounding Downtown LA.
The new freedom has drawn some fresh local artists and prominent international artists to try their skills on LA walls.
Below is a few of our findings whilst travelling through Downtown LA in October 2015....

The above art can be found on Winston St. and Main St. outside the popular We Are Thanne thrift shop, if you're here around lunch time I totally recommend the Vietnemese restaurant next door, its called Blossom and makes some great dishes, the interior is pretty special too!

I've come across the drip mask faces before but this one was super special - A collaboration with Fin Dac & Angelina Christina, my new found favourite.

Whilst walking past a gated alley on Winston St, we were personally invited down the Indian Alley to view some amazing murals, Shepard Fairy above and the native american's below that were created by Steven Paul Judd.

There's a lot to see anywhere from 4th - 9th St. and across and around Main St. and Spring St. You have to wonder round to find all the hidden gems... the one below by Teachr1 was sprayed on a electrical box just on the high street.

The below piece is a huge Mural seen from a car park on 133E. 3rd St. by LA graffiti artist David Flores.

You can't really miss this one... its absolutely huge, the beautiful mural is on the corner of 6th and Spring St. and the magical master piece was created by Robert Vargas.

If you get the opportunity to visit LA, you should take a day to wonder around Downtown LA, there's lots of amazing industrial buildings with lots of up and coming restaurants and bars, some quite dark and edgy but I love that....

Monday 18 January 2016

How to Start Your Own Clothing Brand

Launch your own clothing range in these eight easy steps.

1.     Brand Idea – What clothing designs are going to set you above the rest? Is the technique of graphic or style of graphic that’s your unique selling point or are your designs made of a technical fabric that’s new to the market?  Your idea should be easily recognisable to your target market.
2.     Brand Development – Who is your target audience? Who you are marketing too? What is your style? Where does your brand fit in the market? This will help with logo design and Brand direction.
3.     Product Design – Find an experienced designer who can turn your design ideas into CAD’s. You will need technical packs and size specifications for manufacturing your product. Check your designer can create these for you.
4.     Product Development – Find an experienced developer (your designer should have experience in this field to help you). Your developer will direct you in the search for a manufacturer to suit your needs, they will help you source fabrics and develop proto types.
5.     Production – Once you have your proto types approved you will be ready to order your final garments. A standard production time frame can be anything from 6-10 weeks depending on the product type and manufacturer.
6.     Marketing Development – Find a qualified brand marketing executive who can help you create a marketing plan for social media, exhibitions, promotions, and any other ways to promote your brand.
7.     Web Development - You will need a web designer / developer who can help you design a website, we have found Shopify the best e-commerce website platform.
8.     Brand Launch – Launch your brand. Through your website, at an exhibition or event. Think about your customer market and where the best place would be to launch your brand to get the most interest, and customer following.

Hilken Design can help you start your clothing brand, we have extensive knowledge and can guide you through each process, just get in touch with a member of our team via our website.

Thursday 14 January 2016

Graphic Inspiration

Graphic Inspiration:

Loving the works of Rhys Owens, he does some amazing digital art in a black and grey muted colour pallet. You can buy his prints here: Rhys Owens

Duchess London

We've also been working on a very special ladies wear brand, Duchess London is an Italian inspired dress brand that using only the best fabrics and materials Italy has to offer. Their e-commerce website was launched in December 2015 and there are plans to exhibit at Pure this February 2016. The garments have been made in London and are by far the best quality that you can get, there have been no compromises here.

Please visit their website and see the first collection of dresses: Duchess London

Reindeer Clothing

Another one of our latest start up's is a Scandinavian inspired menswear brand. Called Reindeer Clothing. The pieces are simple with a Scandinavian look throughout the graphics & branding. Garments have lots of little details, from labels to branded buttons and the fabrics are high quality all made out of Europe.

Here's their website: Reindeer Clothing

Los Angeles Street Art

Whilst travelling through LA on the way back from Joshua Tree we stopped in Downtown LA for some industrial inspiration and a street art tour. One of the best places for established and up and coming artists... Here's s few of our finds!





Muscle Mutt

It's been a while since we last posted anything on our blog, we've been super busy travelling lots for inspiration and working on different projects with new start up brands. In fact, we've designed and help build some great brands so we thought we would share some of those with you today & some of our inspiration destinations too!... Enjoy.

Muscle Mutt Fitness